Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Antibiotic Resistance and US Investment in Global Health

The NIH Fogarty Institute published a story recently about the growing issue of antibiotic resistance - here it is if you care to give it a read:

 Global leaders raise alarm on antibiotic resistance

A quote from the article summarizes the issue: 

Poor diagnostic tools, inappropriate use of antibiotics and a lack of new replacement drugs are causing a global crisis of antimicrobial resistance, according to global health leaders.

 I have never personally had an issue with the US sending money to foreign countries for research and education, although I know some people feel there are no good reasons for this. I submit that THIS issue is a damn good reason!

If we, who supposedly have the best healthcare in the world, do not take on the responsibility to equip developing countries with the tools they need to properly diagnose diseases and educate healthcare workers in those countries on when (and when not) to use antibiotics, we will end up with a global pandemic of deadly germs. That would suck, I think.