If Strunk & White had a baby, I think it would be Bethanie. I don't trust more than about a handful of people to edit my writing, but on the top of that list is Bethanie. I went from skeletal Specific Aims to a complete K99/R00 in about 3 weeks. I worked with her for just one of those weeks, but she took my application from mediocre to excellent in just hours a day.

Some editors can be quick. Others can be thorough. Bethanie is both. You think your letters or papers are as tight as possible? Think again. You can hand Bethanie something that you think is a perfect copy, but when you get it back, you'll know you were far off that mark. She has laser-like eyes for editing, knows how to write and revise well.

I want to point out her expertise in biomedical research writing. When it's crunch time and that grant or paper is due, she can tune it up and get it back to you very quickly. It is not just that she has the skill and speed to do this, but she understands what journal editors and grant reviewers are looking for. And she delivers.

Bethanie's magic is worked on about half of the grants that pass through our division: R01, R21s, all kinds of K awards, Project grants, etc. I would be hard-pressed to guess how much funding has been awarded to our division because of her work, but I’d wager it's tens of millions of dollars.

In summary, if you want to take a piece of writing from good (or bad) to excellent, Bethanie is the woman to do the job.
R. Delahanty, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University Medical Center